What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

Samsung World’s Strategy

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG has a huge office parking area called ‘’Samsung Digital City’’. The city is quite possibly the company’s most crucial bunch of buildings. It’s where their Galaxy smartphones designed, and even where conceptualized some of the first curved TVs were; this Samsung city has a couple of exciting things about it.

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

There’s a special ice chamber that is decked with soundproofing pads to create pin-drop silence, & this is actually where the audio performance of phones is tested. They also have a sound lab filled with instruments, which is wherever a lot of those iconic ringtones & SAMSUNG alert sounds are created plus something becomes a philosophy here called work smart where employees can sure but whatever time they want to up until 6 p.m. Just as long as they feel productive. I quite like this one and even aside from this headquarters. 

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

SAMSUNG is big & it’s tough to conceptualize just how big they’ve got over 320,000 employees. For some perspective, that’s much like Google Plus Apple Plus Nokia and managing all of them, not one not two but three CEOs.

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

Samsung revenue brings in about 17 percent of the whole GDP of South Korea. That is the entire value of everything produced in the country. They’ve also sold over the way it to billion GALAXY phones that do not count alot of their non-smart ventures. Just galaxy branded phones that are a quarter of the number of people on this planet something has become it’s so big.

There, it’s a branch out within the Samsung group. There is a whole load of sub-companies ranging from Samsung life insurance, precisely what it says on the tin, to Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Techwin; this is where the real depth of the company starts to become apparent. 

The history behind SAMSUNG’s Innovation:

Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the biggest, believe it or not, shipbuilding companies globally. Techwin was founded as Samsung’s and defense or military division in a very literal sense of the world.

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

It developed the k-9 thunder, an anti infancy tank that can shoot targets up to 40 kilometers away, and the Korean Armed Forces, but it gets better. Samsung has also developed a smart sentry gun, and there’s a good chance. This was the first that combines surveillance and red camera to pick up human activity voice recognition and, of course. With the ability to shoot things, there was a car division Samsung Motors. 

They sold hundreds of thousands, and Samsung’s construction company built the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world you probably guessed it. I could go on for a while. It doesn’t end there.

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

 Helicopter engine fighter jets and toilet seats, something isn’t afraid to give something a go. It would be a fantastic Samsung and Apple. 

Apple VS Samsung:

You might now know this. They’ve been locked in a straight battle for seven years ever for Apple first accused. Samsung is copying the iPhone’s design things like touch to zoom and the home screen layout.

Apple’s initial plan was to try & get Samsung smartphones completely blocked from sale. After this failed, they pursued a couple of billion dollars in losses. Still, they only ended up walking away with about five hundred & thirty million ($2,000,000,000) they won. But this amount of money for a company like Apple was barely worth their time.

What You Have To Know About SAMSUNG

Apple also had a couple of losses during this battle when it came to tablets. They filed a public complaint stating that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab had blatantly copied the iPad design. But the referee disagreed; it massively backfired to the point where Apple was told to run both newspaper and online adverts to state.

That Samsung hadn’t copied the iPad. That’s an excellent ouch. It’s a bit strange then these two companies they’re out there suing each other when they knew each other. Samsung supplies about 90% of the OLED.

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